2021 Summer Camping is Happening

Here are our plans for the summer:

Family Camping: July 4 to August 14
Families can rent a cabin and spend a full or half week at Oneida

Kids Overnight Camps: August 15 to 28
Two camps for ages 5-10 and 11-15. Parents can sign-up their children on the waitlist.

Family Camping in 2021

From July 4 to August 14, we plan on offering families the opportunity to come camp at Oneida for a half or full week.

We are currently taking requests to reserve spaces during the weeks.
Summer Leadership

Ready to be a leader this summer?
It's going to be a different summer. We need volunteers to make it a success.
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Staff Applications

We are hiring staff for July and August.
DONATE to Camp Oneida

We took the opportunity during 2020 to complete two large projects that we need to raise funds for:
  • Upgrade to Campus Water System, $40,000
  • Required Shoreline Repairs to Control Erosion, $50,000

Consider donating to Oneida to help us with these projects.