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Perm Staff Employment Opportunities

Be Part of the Oneida Team this Summer

Every year, Camp Oneida requires a on-site "permanent" staff to help with camps throughout the summer.

A team of Cooks, Lifeguards, Assistants and Utility people all make Camp Oneida a great place for campers and leaders.

Positions Available

  • Jr. Lifeguards
  • Kitchen Assistants
  • Utility
  • Floater
  • * Waterfront Coordinator (Starts June 15)
  • * Camp Intern (Starts June 15)
  • * Camp Assistant (Starts June 15)
  • * Maintenance Coordinator (Starts June 15)

* Camp Intern, Camp Assistant, Waterfront Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator depends on approval of Canada's Job Grant Program. Pay rate and start date may vary.

View Job descriptions and pay rate for each position.

Details of Working at Oneida

  • Employment Dates

    • Mandatory Training: Third Saturday of June
    • Work Period: Fourth Saturday of June to Last Day of Camp

      * Canada Job Grant positions may have different start/end and training dates
  • Time off

    1 full day off each week
  • Room and board

    All inclusive - including lodging, food and laundry
  • Salary

    Pay rates depend on position and experience

Benefits of Working on Staff

Learning new skills, building new friendships, studying God's word and having the opportunity to share what you know and learn to children throughout the summer.

Even though you would have your certain jobs to do day to day, you will also have many great chances to interact with the camp and its program - sports, crafts, campfires, devotions.

Police Background Checks

All applicants who are hired will be required to get a police background check from their local police form.

Apply for Perm Staff

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