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Projects -- What's New at Oneida

We are constantly upgrading Oneida's facilities and have multiple projects underway. Here's what we are working on right now.

  Project Status
  Dining Hall Dormitory / Retreat Center Dreaming Stage
  Craft cabin (old dining hall) renovations In Progress
  Tractor replacement Completed

Dining Hall Dormitory / Retreat Centre

Main construction was completed in Spring 2002 and was put into service in Summer 2002. We want to begin building bedrooms downstairs to provide a facility that can be used year-round for retreats, and weekend camps.

Dining Hall

To use this building as a sleeping facility, we need:

  • Fire monitoring/suppression system
  • Larger water cistern
  • Materials for building rooms
  • Furniture (bedrooms and common area

Thanks to a generous donation, the basement washroom and shower facilities were completed in 2008.

Craft Cabin (old Dining Hall) Renovations

Considerable work has been done to firm up the foundations, re-pour the back concrete floor, remove the dishroom, and install a metal roof.

Craft Cabin Siding

We are now working on installing metal siding on the cabin to protect the building and provide a welcoming "curb appeal" for when visitors arrive.

Creek Bridge

We hope to start building a better bridge over the creek to complete the nature and bike trails. A temporary bridge has been in place since 2003 but continues to get washed out every year. It also blocks the creek from canoeing past it. Our temporary solution is to build a draw bridge.

Tractor Replacment -- Completed

We purchased our new tractor in Spring 2015 and retired our old one that lasted 20 years.

New Tractor

With trade-in, our purchase came to a little less than the amount raised. We are using the remaining funds for maintenance and repairs of our lawn and utility equipment.

Thanks to Bruce for his tireless efforts to maintain our equipment and keep things running for many years.

Donate to Oneida

If you would like to donate to any of these projects, or having another projects you'd like to help with, we'd like to hear from you.