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  • Aug 13
    What foursome will take home the Camp Oneida’s own green jacket? Camp Oneida’s Annual Golf Tournament is Saturday… Link
  • Aug 10
    Another exciting week! 'Typhoon' camp was a captivating and engaging experience. We are thrilled to see young peo… Link
  • Jul 29
    Squirt Camp is moving and grooving all day long. Link
  • Jul 23
    Fun in the sun during afternoon activities. Link
  • Eden Jul 18
    I 💗Camp Oneida I’ve bin going here for 7 years I’ve Learned so much about god we do so much fun stuff at camp I just love ❤
  • Jul 09
    Today, we registered our 300th camper for summer! #amazing (Last year on this date, we had 259 campers registered.… Link
  • RT @marcjohnson1975 Jun 29
    First campfire of the 2019 season @CampOneida Link
  • Jun 26
    Update from today's earlier tweet -- we're now at 256 camper registrations. 14 registrations have come in today (… Link
  • Jun 26
    Camper registrations are up 18% this year! (vs. the same time last year) An exciting summer ahead! Link
  • Jun 25
    Registration extended for Jr High -- we still have space for campers at next week's camp, ages 13-15. This week mi… Link