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What will students get out of BOLT?

  • A certificate stating they were involved in the program.
  • Volunteer hours that can be used toward graduation of high school
  • Valuable references
  • Skills that will be useful at camp and elsewhere.

Will I get my school's community hours for attending?

Yes, if you bring the community hour sheet from your school guidance office, you will receive the 40 hours of service required.

Can I fail the program?

It is not the intention of BOLT to be a pass/fail kind of course.  Keep in mind that the people you will work with are going to be valuable references for future jobs and camps, so your attention to detail will look good to them.

What topics/skills will we be learning?

Read the earlier question “What is BOLT?

Is it Co-ed?

Yes the program is open to both male and females.

Why does it cost money? Don't leaders just volunteer?

You will be learning new things, much like you would in school, or at a specialty camp. The fees cover some of the cost of food, lodging and training materials, the rest is covered by Camp.

Can I get my church to sponsor me?

Yes, once accepted to the BOLT program you can request a letter to help ask your church for sponsorship.

Can I bring my friend, who doesn't attend church?

If you friend goes through the application process and can provide an adequate spiritual reference than they will be considered.

Will I be automatically approved as a leader for camp if I attend?

BOLT doesn't automatically approve you as a leader for other Oneida camps. If the program turns out to be a positive experience for you, camp committee and directors will definately view your BOLT experience as valuable and an asset to their program.

Can I attend if I'm too old, but I still want to come?

You can always apply; your application will be considered.

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