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BOLT Questions and Answers - About the Week

More Questions about the BOLT Program

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What is BOLT?

BOLT is a 5-day program. Every day there will be:

  • Daily bible study
  • Projects and readings to do with leadership
  • Exploration of Oneida leadership

Students will:

  • Work with perm staff learning different leadership roles.
  • Study about different personality types, what makes a good leader, goal setting and team work.
  • Journal about what they learn, lead a group game for a bunch of campers, conduct interviews of leaders, and talk as a team.
  • Work along side a cabin leader in learning how to council a cabin effectively
  • Study about discipline, personal devotion, and specific camp skills.
  • Create cabin devotions, lead a campfire, and journal about daily happenings.

Where are we sleeping?

The bolt group will be residing in cabin(s) that are not used by the other camp running that week.

Will we get to hang out with other campers/leaders?

There will be ample opportunity for hanging out with the others at the camp.  You will also have times when you will be too busy or need to complete projects as a group which will make socializing difficult, but both aspects are crucial to the success of the program.

What are we doing for meals?

Meals will be eaten with the rest of the camp at the regular meal times.

Is there Bible Study each day?

Yes, the bolt program will require that you attend bible study every day.  Some projects and readings will be required for this time.

Will we be doing any sports, canoeing or campfires during the week?

All the regular aspects of camp including sports, canoeing and campfires will be included in these two weeks.

You will likely receive extra training in activities (like canoeing and archery) so you will be able to lead those activities as a leader.

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