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Camping at Oneida

Camp Oneida offers a variety of camps for ages 5 to 18, and families. See what Camp Oneida offers:


Camp Oneida has 10 cabins that campers sleep in. (8 bunks per cabin) These cabins are not winterized buildings and vary in temprature throughout the day. They are warm during the day, and sometimes get cold at night.

And what would be camp without a few spiders crawling around in the cabin? (Your "fearless" leader will take care of these)

Camp facilities include a new dining hall, large craft cabin, meeting rooms, lodge (indoor gymnasium) and washrooms that have indoor plumbing, clean/purified water and hot showers.


While each camp will have special activities and events planned throughout the week, there are many standard activities offered at every camp:

  • Canoeing
  • Biking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Crafts
  • Sports (Beach Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Baseball Diamond, Soccer Field)
  • Teatherball
  • Hiking
  • Indoor Games and Activities

Our camp is located directly on the shore of Lake Erie which allows for excellent waterfront activities.

Typical Daily Schedule

What does a day at Oneida entail? Here's a typical schedule of a day at camp.

Wake-up & Morning Devotions
Worship and Bible Study in our Lodge
Morning Swim
12:00pm  Lunch
Rest Hour
Afternoon Swim
Evening Devotions at Vesper Point
Camp Fire
Evening Snack
Lights Out

* Schedule will vary depending on age of campers and camp director


All directors, cabin counsellors and other leaders (known as program staff) are approved by Camp Oneida's personnel committee and complete an annual background check. They are volunteers and do not receive financial compensation for their time at Camp Oneida.

The minimum age requirement for a Jr. Leader is 16 years old. Leaders must have a reference by their home church pastor.

Camp Oneida also hires a Business Manager, Cook, Kitchen assistants, certified Life-guards and Maintenance personnel who live and work at camp throughout the summer.

Safety at Camp Oneida

Maintained Facilities

While minor bumps and bruises are common at any summer camp, Camp Oneida strives to provide the safest camp facilities possible.

Cabins and facilities are inspected and maintained before Camp opens each year, and there are maintenance staff on campus throughout the summer to look after broken doors, ripped screens, loose nails, wasp nests and other general maintenance repairs.

Inspections of all camper cabins in-use are completed before each camp begins.

Certified Medical Staff

Each kids' camp is staffed by a volunteer certified nurse, licensed doctor or qualified paramedic. Our lifeguards also have first aid training. Basic medical equipment is on site, including an AED.

Simcoe and Hagersville Hospital are short drives from the camp site in case of emergency. Ambulance response time is approximately 10 minutes.

Qualified Lifeguards

Lifeguards are trained and certified by national organizations, and all have CPR and first-aid training.

Health Standards

All our eating facilities and drinking water meet Provincial Health standards and are monitored on a regular basis by staff and ministry officals to ensure standards are kept.

Lake Erie is tested by County officials on a regular basis to ensure that Camp Oneida's swimming area is safe.

Our Dining Hall is inspected routinely by Haldimand County Health Inspectors to ensure our food preparation areas meet regulations and legislated standards.

Emergency Preparedness

In case of emergency, Camp Oneida has an emergency procedure plan which is practiced weekly at the beginning of each camp by all leaders and campers.

More Information

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