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Camper Registration

Registrations must be received at least one week prior to your camping date. Late registrations could be accepted if there is room, at the director's discretion..

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Registration Notes

  • Week-long camps begin on Sunday and end Saturday. For half-week camps, check the camp schedule for dates of Squirt and Co-ed 5
  • Registration time is 3 pm. Departure time is 1 pm. Please try not to arrive earlier unless otherwise arranged. Campers are enjoying their final meal at camp.
  • Register early because camps can fill up quickly
  • The cost of tuck (candy) is included in the basic rate. A daily limit applies (e.g. Enough to buy one pop and one chocolate bar).
  • Non-Confectionary items such as T-shirts, Pens and Pins may be purchased upon arrival or departure from camp.
  • Appropriate clothing is required. No two-piece bathing suits. As a Christian Camp, we desire that clothing and swimwear be appropriate to a Christian atmosphere.

Leader Applications

Interested in being a Leader? Find out some information about being a leader at Camp Oneida.