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Donating to Camp Oneida

Camp Oneida relies on donations and generousity of friends to help defray costs of purchasing equipment and materials needed to keep our ministry running.

Your Time

Help out at our Spring and Fall Clean-up Days, or Volunteer as a Leader during the summer to make a difference in camper's lives.

A Gift

Donate a new item to Camp: Sports equipment, office supplies, bandages, paint, batteries, food supplies or other needed items.

Contact for more information.

A Donation

Financial donations help towards new buildings, new equipment, sponsoring children for camp and other projects.

Make an online donation through PayPal to camp or mail your donation to:

  • Camp Oneida Treasurer
    335 South Coast Drive, R. R. #2
    Nanticoke, ON N0A 1L0

Make cheques payable to: "Oneida Baptist Camp"

Jim and Heather Taplay Memorial Fund

This fund was set up in 2012 to help send campers to Oneida. When you donate to Oneida, you can note that you want your donation directed towards this purpose.