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Becoming a Leader at Camp Oneida

There are many possible ways to serve as a volunteer leader at Camp Oneida:

  • Program Director
  • Cabin Counsellor
  • Bible Study Leader
  • Craft Leader


To be a leader at Oneida, you must:

  • Be at least 17 years old, and 3 years old than the camper age group you are applying to
  • Be actively involved with a Christian church
  • Obtain a police background check (any costs will be re-imbursed)

BOLT (Building Oneida's Leadership Team) is required for all first time leaders under 18 years old.


To be a leader at Oneida, you are expected to:

  • Consider your involvement at camp to be one of service and ministry
  • Be willing to submit your attitudes, habits, and personal comfort and conduct to the will of God while at camp
  • Provide campers with the best possible environment within which to mature in their understanding of the Christian Faith.
  • Agree to cooperate in all aspects of the program in order to make it the very best possible
  • Affirm the Values and Beliefs of Oneida Baptist Camp

High School Community Service

Serving the Lord as a leader at Oneida will complete your high school's 40 hour community service requirement. (1 week = 144 hours, more than enough!) More Information

Leader Application Notes

  • Once your form is submitted, all leaders must be approved by the Personnel Committee, and may be reviewed by the Board of Directors
  • Applicants may be asked to be a leader at a different camp than what they indicated.

Ready? Apply for Leadership

Contact Oneida's Leader Registrar for more information.