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Counselling at Camp Oneida provides an opportunity to mentor and witness to campers about Jesus Christ.

At the same time, leaders grow spirituality and developing important leadership skills.

Starting in 2022, all leaders will be required to get a police check each year.


Leadership Details

Contact the Leadership Registrar

Can't be a Leader this Summer?

There are other ways you can volunteer at Oneida this year. Help out at Clean-up Days or make a donation of materials or money.

Leaders with Dependant Children

Leaders with children are encouraged to volunteer for a camp in which their children are the same age as the other campers so they can participate as a camper.

If your child(ren) attends the same week you are a leader, the registration fee is half the normal rate. Indicate this discount on your child’s camper registration form. (Discount applies to parents/legal guardians and grandparents).

For children over six (who are not registered as campers) and/or for a babysitter, we ask that a donation be made to Camp Oneida to cover some of the cost of food for the week.