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Camp Oneida Facility Rentals

During the off-season (September through June), Camp Oneida is available for personal and group rentals.

Facilities Available for Rent

Field House

Our Field House is not available for rent at this time, due to needed repairs.

Earl Simpson Cabin

Located next to the Field House, this cabin is available for overflow when groups renting the Field House have more than 14 people.

It contains 4 sleeping rooms, to sleep a maximum of 10 people, and a small common area. Available May, June, Sept and October, it is insulated but not heated, and does not contain a washroom.

Dining Hall

Our dining hall, complete with a large kitchen and dining area is often used for church dinners, potlocks, large meetings and wedding receptions.

Dining Hall Interior of Dining Hall Dishroom


Other camp facilities are sleeping cabins (non-winterized) and lodge.

Our Lodge is not accessible right now, due to needed repairs.

Sleeping Cabins Lodge/Activity Centre Beach Volleyball Court Grassy Campus

Back Field Lake Erie Shore Creek


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